Key Findings

  • On-line does not especially reach the people that TV finds hard to reach. But fortunately online is also not skewed towards reaching the heavy (easy to reach) TV viewers.
  • In the future, TV and internet usage will be increasingly independent; watching more or less of one already has little affect on the viewing of the other. This means that the internet will remain a useful complementary medium to use with TV.
  • It is not the case that there is a group of light (difficult to reach) TV viewers who also seldom use the internet (and hence are difficult to reach via on-line advertising). Rather, there are people who are out and about a lot, and not home very much (who also tend to be younger, with more active social loves). These people find it difficult to watch much TV, certainly at-home TV. They also don’t access the internet much at home, but are as able to access it at work or when mobile as anyone else.